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The Sauvignon - Wine Stopper

The Sauvignon - Wine Stopper

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Distinct and unique, these wine stoppers are made from natural amethyst or quartz. Its crystalline appearance will be the center of attention when corked into your favorite bottle of wine. Although colored, the gem stone still retains the charm of the natural crystal it was made from and is truly one of a kind.


  • Decorative wine stopper
  • Can seal your wine for hours while entertaining
  • Made from natural crystal, each stopper is unique in shaping

How To Use:

  • Place stopper on bottleneck of wine bottle
  • Press down to seal bottle
  • Pull up to to release air and unlock

Care Information:

  • Decorative Stopper
  • Do NOT use to seal wine for an extended time (overnight)
  • We recommend pairing with one of our functional stoppers
  • Spot clean with damp towel and warm water
  • Do not fully submerge in water
  • NOT dishwasher safe
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