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Collection: Grapevine Essentials Collection

Our "Grapevine Essentials" collection is for a functional wine enthusiast. You desire luxurious products that just make sense in your lifestyle. This collection comes with our decorative crystal stopper (The Sauvignon), our functional stopper (The Merlot), and our amazing wine glasses (The Shiraz). After a long day, having this collection ready to go will make your evening sip even more enjoyable. The amazing part about this collection is that you not only have a decorative stopper that shines while corking your wine bottle; you also have a functional stopper that preserves your wine for up to 10 days. With the added wine glass, you cannot go wrong with this collection.

Grab it TODAY and raise a glass to good taste!

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The Sauvignon
The Merlot
The Shiraz (set of 2)