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About Us

Think Of Us For Luxury Wine Accessories
We stand on QUALITY, creating a LIFESTYLE, and building a COMMUNITY. 
Luxe Pour Wine Essentials, LLC was founded by an educated, passionate, energetic, and creative Black Womanwho saw a need for luxury wine accessories within her community.
Founded during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, she yearned to be social and figured since it was unsafe to socialize in person, she would do it virtually, but in a luxurious way. She purchased wine accessories from multiple companies and convinced her friends to do the same. Each week, she hosted virtual meet-ups that consisted of drinking wine and catching up on life with her community. One day as our founder was using a poorly made wine dispenser, she said to herself, "this can be made better - there has to be better options - I SHOULD offer that better option". The idea just clicked, why not merge her love for wine, entertaining, and product development (her day job) together?
That thought birthed Luxe Pour Wine Essentials, LLC.
The mission of Luxe Pour Wine Essentials, LLC is to build a community of wine enthusiasts, who also share of love for being a tad bit extra! That crystal wine stopper is a MUST! That marble wine chiller is a MUST!
All things #LuxePour, is a MUST!