Why #ShopLuxePour?

  • Community

    Our goal at Luxe Pour Wine Essentials is for more people to view wine, not just as an adult beverage, but as a way to explore the world and connect with one another. Once you join our community, you not only have the ability to purchase quality wine accessories, you gain a family of wine enthusiasts, socialites, foodies, travelers, and more. Let's live the #LuxeLife, together!

  • Lifestyle

    Oenophile / ee·nuh·file / noun

    A connoisseur of wines. This can be you! Remember, presentation is everything. Here at Luxe Pour Wine Essentials, we want every wine drinking experience to look and feel luxurious. After you select the finest wine, do not forget our signature pieces. Our corkscrews, chillers, openers, and more, should be a staple when entertaining your guests.

  • Quality

    It is our mission to source and create the highest quality products for you. We want your family and friends to be in awe when they see a Luxe Pour Wine Essential on your bar or countertop. We also want you to happily share our name when someone asks where to find luxurious wine essentials, after all "luxe" is in our name.

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