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The Riesling - Wine Dispenser

The Riesling - Wine Dispenser

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Looking to get the most out of your wine? Do you want a device that allows you to keep your favorite wine "on tap"? That is all within reach with this dispenser. Not only do you get the perfect pour, you get perfectly aerated wine as well.


  • Lightweight and portable with automatic dispensing
  • Set comes with pump, silicone tube, and USB charger
  • Used on standard wine bottlenecks only

 How To Use:

  • Attach tube to dispenser and insert tube into open wine bottle
  • Place dispenser on the bottleneck of your favorite wine
  • Press "power on" button and select dispensing option
  • Place wine glass under the dispenser mouth, this blocks device sensor
  • Dispenser will release wine into your favorite glass while aerating

 Care Information:

  • Spot clean with damp towel and warm water
  • Do not fully submerge in water
  • NOT dishwasher safe
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